Fengari Apparel is an online urban streetwear brand based in Austin, TX.
Everyday inspirations for the everyday life.


As Austinites, we are constantly inspired by our city. There are countless talented artists, chefs, musicians and designers that we find endless inspiration and motivation in the city. We are passionate about streetwear and creating affordable and fashionable urban and athletic apparel. Anna grew up near the beaches of Southern California, and from her perspective, there is tons of inspiration to pull from the beach lifestyle. With a love for the ocean and surfer culture, you can catch some SoCal inspired items in the Endless Summer collection. Many of our designs come from real life events. For example, the “Cock-A-Doodle-Do Bitch” design comes from an encounter we often have with a sassy rooster when we take Louie on his morning walk. Our costumers are a huge inspiration to us too! Let us know what you think and stay in touch by signing up for news letters!


Fengari is the Greek word for moon. Before Fengari Apparel even had a name, Rob was playing around with ideas for a logo. His vision was to have a creative version of a torch. Anna has a small tattoo of a crescent moon, and from this, the ideas sparked. The crescent moon is often though of as a symbol of creativity, and thus - Fengari Apparel was born.



Hello, my name is Rob! I'm a native Texan who moved to Austin in 2012 from Laredo,TX. I am in the IT industry, but Fengari is my outlet to be creative and express myself. In my spare time I enjoy playing basketball and traveling the world.


Hi, I am Anna. I move to Austin TX in 2014 from Southern California, and I have felt so inspired by the culture of the city. In my spare time I love spending time with my family, trying new restaurants and exploring Austin!


Louie is a German Shepherd Dog who was adopted at age 3 from the Hill Country Humane Society. Louie loves to hike, play with tennis balls, and chase squirrels. Louie serves an inspiration to many of our designs!

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