Core Values

BE KIND. At Fengari Apparel, we believe kindness is a lifestyle. Wether it be animals, humans, or the environment, we believe there are many worthy causes that deserve our kindness and support. Check out our homepage to see which charity we currently support.

BE AUTHENTIC. Authenticity is important in all aspects of life. We are inspired by our customers, which allows our brand to be meaningful, interesting and unique.

BE PASSIONATE. We take pride in our brand from our fashion to our customers. We are dedicated to inspiring a bold and innovative lifestyle.

BE FEARLESS. Become the person you’ve dreamt of being. At Fengari Apparel, we create clothing that will help your appearance match who you are on the inside.

BE INCANDESCENT. Be like the moon. The Fengari Apparel moon torch shines radiantly to guide you through the darkness. Be the light in your life.

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