Graffiti Park @ Castle Hill


Have you heard?


Austin’s beloved out door art gallery, HOPE Outdoor Gallery @ Castle Hill graffiti park is closing in June, and there are plans to demolish it.


This historic park was first opened as a SXSW installation in 2011. True to the roots of the city, Austin, TX artists and appreciators petitioned to keep the park up and running, and open to all street artists. For the last 7 years the park welcomed street artists of all kinds to claim a temporary spot on the castle to display their art.


Although this is not the first time that the city has threaten to close down the park, rumor has it that they are making plans to build condos in that space. This may be great real estate, but how are local artists going to express themselves without the freedom of the graffiti park?


Well, we’ve got good news for you!


By popular demand - HOPE has announced a new location for the graffiti park. The park Arguably, the location is not as ideal (near the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport), which will likely result in less visitors. But, if we know anything about the art scene in Austin, we can expect a good amount of locals to make regular visits to check out their favorite street artists.


Nothing can compare to the graffiti park at Castle Hill, but it is said that the new park will even feature some of the original walls from the castle that will be displayed proudly. In the mean time, get in as many trips as you can before it is too late.


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