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Orf's Brewing 


After trying 22 different breweries due to our fantastic Divine Canines "Pawsport" we can officially say we have a couple of favorites. 


Located in South West Austin, Orf Brewing is nestled in a fairly small warehouse space that is filled with some of the most creative beers we have ever tasted.


Our favorite part of the experience? The Brew-Master himself - Chris Orf! Chris is truly one of a kind. He has his Masters Degree in Chemistry, studied brewing in Chicago, opened a theater and film company in New York City, and worked in a large Marketing Firm before opening Orf Brewing here in Austin, Tx.  


 Aside from having a very impressive background, we were lucky enough to be there for a true quality experience when Chris ran out in the rain to pick up a bucket of fried chicken and shared it with all the patrons for free! 


It seems funny to say, but you can truly taste all of the qualities that Chris Orf brings to the table in each beer. Made of chemistry and creativity, the brewery specializes in hybrid ales.


Don't just take or word for it - try them out for yourself! Although you can find Orf's ales in a few bars around town, we suggest you go straight to the source and get the true Orf Brewing experience.  

Orf Brewing, LLC
4700 Burleson Road, Unit F
Austin, TX 78744

Or, check them out online at .


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