Barks for Beers - Devine Canines


Dogs and craft beer - how else can you better describe an Austinite's favorite things?

This Spring, Divine Canines is raising money with a month long Barks for Beers promotion. 22 of Austin's local breweries have come together to support the cause.


How does it work? Easy! At the breweries themselves or online, you can buy yourself and your friends a specialty pint glass, as well as a "Pawsport" to collect all your stamps. From there, simply go to the brewery, order your favorite beer, and enjoy! The bartender will give you your free beer and stamp your Pawsport. Please, don't forget to tip your bartenders! 


What do Divine Canines raise money for? Great question! All of the proceeds from Bark for Beers are going to providing free therapy dog services to the people of Central Texas. 


When can you do this? Now! Barks for Beers promotion ends on May 26th, so order your Pawsport and start drinking! 


Learn more at divinecanines.org/Pawsport 


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